Treatment of Sciatica by Neural Flossing Technique (NFT) in Adults


  • Mubushara Afzal Student Ziauddin University
  • Sabrina Memon Physical Therapist Dr. Rabbia’s Physical Wellness Centre
  • Sehrish Physical Therapist Rangoon Wala Community Center


Neural flossing, nerve, sciatica, rehabilitation



Sciatica is regarded as the most common and disabling disorder with a prevalence rate of 40% among varying inhabitants which results in an increased rate of pain and decreased or absent sensation in affected dermatomal segments due to compression of the sciatic nerve at the level of L4-S2 segmental level.  Many conventional and conservative physical therapy treatment approaches have been used for its management but the effect of Neural Flossing Technique is efficient and cost-effective.

METHODS: Google Scholar, Medline (PubMed) were used for randomized trials to determine the efficacy of neural flossing in sciatica in adults was searched. The search terms were neural flossing, sciatica, treatment, adults, in different combinations. All randomized control trials were conducted with continual outcomes as end-point scores (i.e., mean and standard deviation of the variables with their follow-up and their comparison with baseline values). Ninety-five percent confidence intervals have been conducted/imposed for all outcomes.   All Statistical tests were analysed at the significance level of p<0.001.

RESULT: A total of five RCTs was included in this review that met the inclusion criteria. The analysed results showed NFT along with conventional physiotherapy to be effective on both reducing pains [95% CI p<0.001] and disability [95% CI p<0.001] and improving hip range of motion [95% CI p<0.001]. The mean quality methodological score was 3.4 out of 5.

CONCLUSION: Nerve flossing technique was a significantly effective treatment regime for the management of sciatica, reducing pain along with disability, and improved better outcomes in terms of the range of motion at hip joints. The neural flossing technique combined with conventional physical therapy regimes was also effective/produced positive results.


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