• Ayesha Karim Lecturer, Allied Health Sciences Department, Lahore Institute of Science and Technology, Lahore
  • Saba Rafique Senior Lecturer, RCRS Riphah International University, Lahore
  • Hafiza Neelam Muneeb Senior Lecturer, RCRS Riphah International University, Lahore
  • Namra Saleem Physiotherapist, Sughra physiotherapy and poly clinic, Lahore


Abdominal cramps, menstruation, premenstrual syndrome, resistive exercise, female, luteal phase, follicular phase


Aims Of Study: Premenstrual syndrome is a collection of physical and psychological symptoms, the aim of the study is to compare the effects of resistive exercises and stretching of core abdominal muscles on abdominal cramps in premenstrual syndrome.

Methodology: It was a Randomized Clinical Trial with a convenient sampling technique. Data was collected from 40 participants who had abdominal cramps before periods. Data were taken from Asaaf Hospital Johar Town Lahore in 6 months duration. The premenstrual syndrome questionnaire and Numeric Pain Rating Scale was used for each participant before and after treatment. Group A received resistive exercises and B received stretching exercises.

Results: This study concludes that resistive exercises that are bridging, crunches and planks are more effective than stretching exercises on abdominal cramps in premenstrual syndrome.

Limitations and Future Implications: This study was conducted during the COVID lockdown, it was hard to follow up with the participants. Also more studies should be done on the women who face abdominal pain while menstruating and not before menses.

Originality: All the authors mentioned participated in the study and it was originally conducted by them in Lahore.

Conclusion: To conclude, resistive exercises are more effective on abdominal muscles in reducing abdominal cramps in premenstrual syndrome as compared to stretching exercises.


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