• Zainab Naeem Lecturer Islam Medical & Dental College Physical Therapy Department Sialkot
  • Salwa Atta Lecturer Lahore College of Physical Therapy LM&DC Lahore
  • Yamna Mazher Senior Lecturer Lahore College of Physical Therapy, LM&DC Lahore
  • Mir Shakeel Ahmad Clinical Supervisor Physical Therapy Ghurki Trust Teaching Hospital, Lahore
  • Rameeza Hassan Clinical Supervisor Physical Therapy Royal Specialist Hospital, Islamabad
  • Muhammad Salman Bashir Head of Department Physical therapy Riphah International University, Lahore


Functional Outcomes, grip strength, hand, hydrotherapy, land based exercises, Knee Joint, Knee Injuries, Occupations, Risks, Health, Osteoarthritis.


Background and aim: This study was conducted to find the effects of hydrotherapy and land-based exercises on pain, grip strength and functional status in hand osteoarthritis patients.
Methodology: Eighty participants were randomized into two study groups i.e. hydrotherapy based exercise group or land based exercise group. Both groups were treated for 3 sessions per week for eight weeks and assessed after two months follow up. Numeric Pain Rating Scale (NPRS), Hand held dynamometer and Functional Index for Hand Osteoarthritis (FIHOA) were used to measure pain, grip strength and functional status of hand before and after treatment sessions for eight weeks and again assessed at two months of follow up.
Results: Multivariate analysis of variance indicates a statistically significant group-by-time interaction (p=.00). Pain intensity was significantly reduced in both groups whereas Grip strength and functional outcomes were significantly improved in patients of group B (hydrotherapy based exercises) as compared to group A (land based exercises) (P=.02 and .00).
Conclusion: Hydrotherapy based exercises prove to be more efficient in terms of improving functional outcomes of patients of hand osteoarthritis.


Author Biography

Yamna Mazher, Senior Lecturer Lahore College of Physical Therapy, LM&DC Lahore

Senior Lecturer


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