• Dr. Komal Jamil Senior Lecturer, Bahria University College of Physical Therapy


Physical therapist, goals, goal setting, patient management, complexity, ambitious personal


Background and Aim: To identify physical therapist participation in goal settings for patient management. Goal setting is an effective method for serving a mentee to develop a strong foundation for future planning.

Methodology: Descriptive cross sectional study was conducted at different physical therapy departments, clinics, and hospitals of Karachi. A total of 100 physical therapists were given a validated questionnaire to complete. The questionnaire contains 21 questions related to patient preparation, concerns, and the goal setting process. Data was analyzed by SPSS version 21. Confidentiality of the participants was maintained. Data was coded and subjects were given the rights to willingly participate.

Results: Most of the physical therapists indicated that they had been participation in goal settings for patient management. 60% of the physical therapists take part in goal settings for patient management, and the rest of the physical therapists were neutral. It will help the physical therapist for making the goals for the patient recovery.

Conclusion: The conclusion of the study is that goal setting is a very satisfactory activity for the patient management. By setting their goals physical therapists recognize their own capability and competence in accomplishing the pretensions that they have set. Goal setting is a major component for the physical therapists for planning the management of the patient and making the goals to attain it because there's a fantastic courting among the aim placing and mission performance. Objective placing consists of the development of a hobby plan deliberate to encourage and direct an person or amassing in the direction of an objectives. This study helps you to organize your time by setting their goals and you fete your own ability and proficiency in attain the goals that you have set. Goal setting helps the physical therapist to know about the history, chances of recovery of the patient and the progress about the patient.


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