• Sajida Dilawar Assistant Professor Physiotherapy JSMU
  • Amna Yaseen Lecturer Baqai institute of physical therapy rehabilitation medicine Baqai medical university
  • Sumaira Riffat Lecturer Department of physiology Sindh medical college Jinnah Sindh medical university
  • Shazia Abdul Hamid Khalfe Vice principal & assistant professor Isra university of rehabilitation sciences Isra university


Gait, quads drill, biomechanics, isometric exercise, cryotherapy, rheumatic disorder


Background and Aim: With the advancing of age knee osteoarthritis has become the common musculoskeletal condition among males and females, various treatment strategies have been applied to improve the patient symptoms therefore the aim of this study is to compare the effectiveness of low resistance versus high resistance exercises along with stretching exercises on pain, physical function, & walking time in knee osteoarthritis.

Methodology: Considering the pre-assessment inclusion criteria, a total no of 170 participants were enrolled in the study and divided into 5 groups by random apportion. Group A received a high resistance exercise, group B received low resistance exercises, group C high resistance exercises and stretching exercises, group D low resistance exercises and stretching exercises and group E received only stretching exercises for 3 weeks. After that pain, function and walking time were reassessed.

Study Design: Experimental study, randomized control trial.

Results: The intergroup results were significant with a p-value of <0.001. We assumed that all 5 groups’ interventions in the current study show a clinically meaningful reduction in pain and enhanced the level of functional activities. Effects of various exercise training are the same in all groups. Therefore, no significant difference has been noted.

Conclusion: The all 5 groups’ high resistance exercise along with stretching, low resistance exercise along with stretching, high resistance exercise, low resistance exercise, and stretching exercise reduced pain and improved functional activity in patients with knee osteoarthritis.


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