A Rare Presentation of Primary Hydatid Cyst in an Adolescent – A Case Report

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The aim of this case study was to report a very uncommon and rarely seen, but serious condition, involving spine. Hydatid cyst is caused by Echinococcus granulosus mainly. It is rarely found in spine, lumbar spine is least commonly involved in spine. A 14 years old boy with lower back pain radiating to both lower limbs observed in the hospital. Associated with progressive weakness and sensory deficit in both lower limbs investigations showed a space occupying lytic lesion extending from L3-S1 with cystic nature, showing nerve root compression at L3, L4 and L5. Managed with excision of cyst through posterior approach to lumbar spine and stabilized with posterior spinal instrumentation L2-L5 and S2AI screw. Hydatid cyst in lumbar spine should be considered as differential diagnosis of cystic lesions of spine. Treatment of hydatid cyst in spine is primarily removal of lesion. Postoperatively the patient improved, mobilized on first post-operative day and has been complication free in one-week follow up.

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