Granulosa Cell Tumour – A Rare Presentation at Age Twenty

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Granulosa cell tumor is a rare type of ovarian tumor, which arises from sex cord stroma. Histologically this tumor has two types and is named according to the common age group they affect; adult granulosa cell tumor (AGCT) and juvenile granulosa cell tumor. AGCT constitutes 2-5% of all ovarian cancers. Mostly present in women of age > 40 years. In this case report, we discussed the role of conservative surgery in young adult reported with granulosa cell tumor. An unmarried teenage girl presented at a private tertiary care hospital with abdominal pain and abdominal distention. Radiological examinations suggested a mass originating from the right ovary for which laparotomy was done and a ruptured cyst was found near the right ovary with a mass adherent to surrounding peritoneal viscera. Right ovarian cystectomy along with omental biopsy and left ovarian biopsy was performed. Rare presentation of this tumor will help clinicians to not categorize the type histologically with the age group.

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