Discovery of 20 Novel Bio-Flocculants Producers and 19 New Bacterial Strains from Three Surface Water In Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

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Plummeting the burden that is increasingly posed by water related diseases is amongst the major public health goals for a developing country. The required growth and development experienced in developing countries will always weigh on this important component of earth from either industrial waste, sewage or domestic waste. A general estimate from WHO global evidence synthesis on water related complications and diseases posits that about 94% could be preventable through environmental modification and applica-tion of simple techniques to treat water1,2. Amongst other explored purification protocols, flocculation and chlorination as a chemical process has been linked to few health conditions after long time of exposure3. This has been largely adduced to the synthetic source and thus the need to explore flocculants of biological origin that can effectively purify water and presents little or no health risk. Surface water, which is often cate-gorized as harbor of large numbers of microorganisms amongst other characteristics was, explored for the presence of bacteria flocculants producers from three surface water in Ilorin, Kwara State in Nigeria.

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