Effect Effects of Methanol Extract of Illicium verum hook.f on Coagulation Parameters

Effects of Methanol Extract of Illicium verum hook.f

  • Dr. Tahira Assad Shaikh Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences
Keywords: Keywords: Spice, Star anise, Illicium verum hook.f, Rabbits, Thrombin time, Prothrombin time, activated Partial Thromboplastin time



Chinese Star anise is universally known as Illicium verum hook.f; a well distinguished spice frequently utilized in dishes, especially in the Asian region. Various biological activities of it are reported in literature. However, it wasn’t evaluated for its anticoagulant potential. In the present study, effect of methanol extract of I. verum hook.f was evaluated on various coagulation parameters such as PT, aPTT and TT in animals at three different doses, i.e. 150, 250 and 350 mg/kg body weight after 60 days of continuous dosing. Results were also compared with the standard anticoagulant drug i.e. Warfarin. The current analysis revealed that administration of methanol extract of I. verum hook.f at 250 mg of dose for 30 days resulted in elevation of PT, aPTT and TT, whereas, highly significant increase was observed in PT and aPTT at the 350 mg/kg/body weight. However, administration of the same extract for 60 days at the dose of 250 mg/ kg/body weight led to a significant increase in PT while, significant increase in aPTT. Administration at 350 mg/kg/body weight for the same period resulted in a tremendous rise in PT and aPTT as contrasted to TT. Current study gives sufficient evidences about the significant anticoagulant effect of the extract.

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